january 23 2023

sorry for no updates lately, feelin depressed and had some issues. im workin on new layout what hopefully wouldnt break on every diffrent display than mine. btw dont worry, im feelin better. got a new graphic tablet for christmas, also is it just me or was this years new year dissapointing? also i finished splatoon 3 story mode 2 times, finished octo expansion and splat2 hero mode... i love squid game

november 25 2022

updated hall of fame to include scarlet. also i might write a review for these games

october 1 2022

working on saturn shrine cause i got hyperfixated on this silly motherfucker

september 16 2022

added some counters. yipeeeeee pokespe counter

september 13 2022

Started playing pokemon X, after i finish it i will update hall of fame of my pokemon from, soulsilver, emerald, firered, sworld, black, white 2 and pearl. yea. i have a lot to do :p

september 7 2022

crossparadise 3.0 is live!!!!. its still huge w.i.p but i think its ready for the public!