ship list.

> redorb shippin (agegap)

> natural chrome shipping (kinda abusive)

> gingashipping(abusive and onesided)

> SpectralColorshipping (agegap)

> emolga x virizion (idk if its problematic. diffrent species i guess?)

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welcome to my shipping page, here im rambling about my favorite ships, but im also planning to do some articles about what excatly is proshipping, compshipping, selfshipping etc and apeal of problematic ships. i am not responsible if any of my ships and opinions trigger you, since you already clicked warning at start of my homepage (and i hope you readen it). i do not condome stuff i enjoy in fiction in real life.

pages in color red , do not exist yet.

featured ship.

i love these silly lesbians, its not even a problematic ship i want them to be in a wholesome relationship